I'm The Monologue Detective, that means I am a monologue coach and an audition coach for actors.  I am an expert at finding actors great little-known monologues and coaching them for auditions. I have created a technique that is specifically geared to monologues which created when I was a professor in the Drama Departments at Carnegie Mellon and NYU.  I also wrote the book, Monologue Mastery. My clients have appeared in feature films, on and off Broadway, in primetime TV shows, soap operas, regional theatres and TV commercials. 

I’m an actor myself. I have appeared in four Broadway shows and ten movies, including Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg.  I have a collection of over 5000 rarely-done monologues that I've amassed over 30 years of coaching actors. I will find you one that fits you like a glove and coach you so that you stand out at auditions.  I also coach clients who are interested in improving their speech and dialects and presentational skills. I'm available in person in New York City or on Skype. I look forward to working with you.


Voices of Thinking Jewish WomenMonologue Mastery by Prudence Wright Holmes teaches actors at every level of their careers how to shine like a star at monologue auditions.

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Voices of Thinking Jewish Women

Voices of Thinking Jewish Women

by Prudence Wright Holmes

Discover views of 42 Jewish women achievers in science, politics, literature, history, finance, feminism, entertainment, and government, via thoughts of contemporary and historic women.

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