New York’s Most Experienced Monologue Coach

Recommended in The New York Guide to Qualified Acting Coaches

  • Do you put off going to auditions because you don’t have good monologues?
  • Do you spend hours reading plays and find nothing?
  • Are you unsure which monologues are right for you?

I will help you.

I have been finding monologues for actors and coaching them for auditions for over twenty years in New York CIty.
I will write or find you ones that are tailored to your talent and personality.
I will coach you so you get results!

Guidelines for a Successful Monologue Audition

  • Choose a little-known monologue
  • Do a monologue that fits you like a glove
  • Dazzle them with your acting

Capture their attention immediately with a monologue they have never heard before. I have spent over twenty-five years in New York CIty collecting monologues from obscure sources, such as books, films and little-known plays.

It’s not enough to have a good monologue. It must be right for you. I will guide you through a process in which you will discover what’s special about you. Then I will find or write you monologues that show off what you do best.

Finally, I will take you through a successfully-proven technique specifically geared to monologues, that produces positive results at auditions in New York CIty or anywhere in the world.



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